┬áThe day has finally come. We packed our small lives in our moderately sized car and we set off from Philadelphia for Chicago. I've always found it easier to pack lightly while traveling; you'll just be stuck carrying around those two checked bags for hours while not even wearing all those shoes you packed. However,… Continue reading AND WE’RE OFF!


Part I of the trip: see the United States National Parks. It might be no surprise to you that planning a month long cross-country trip is no joke. You'll be quick to find that drawing a seemingly small line across Utah equates to about 8┬áhours of driving. We started with a huge list of places… Continue reading PLANNING FOR A CROSS-COUNTRY ROAD TRIP

How did I end up here?

In March, 2017, I won a $10,000 scholarship to travel. This is how I did it. The state of Pennsylvania has an annual architectural competition open to architectural students and young alumni living within the state (within three years of graduation). This competition, the John Stewardson Memorial Fellowship in Architecture, has officially been a state-wide… Continue reading How did I end up here?