hello there!

I’m Mel, and this is my passion project. But first, a little bit about me…

I grew up in a small town in Connecticut, just east of Hartford. In fact, I went to the smallest public high school in the state, and to this day I still commonly tell people my hometown has more farms than stoplights.

My senior year, I just decided to go to school for architecture. I had no background in it. I liked art and math, and in your typical “what should you be when you grow up” article, I came across the job title “Architect” and it just resonated.

I went to Philadelphia to receive a 5-year Bachelor of Architecture. Truly, I was just drawn to any big city at that point in my life, feeling a need for change from everything that I knew. Something my research didn’t prepare me for was the studio culture that is architecture school. I realized after the first semester and comparing our new lives with my hometown friends, that I had gotten into something that would consume more of my hours, mind, and desires than a normal college experience.

Regardless, I loved the drive. I loved the studio culture. And most of all, I loved excelling. Maybe a little too much? I graduated with a degree and a great group of like-minded friends, living and working in the city.

In the spring of 2017, I entered into a state-wide architecture competition. If you recall, I really enjoy excelling. I wound up winning that competition, and $10,000 to travel and study architecture as I know it. What I didn’t realize at that time, is how much this accomplishment would change my life.

I love the city of Philadelphia with all my heart, and will always appreciate everything it gave to me. However, that travel scholarship allowed me to travel the United States, Thailand, and Japan, and made me realize that it was time to leave. In the summer of 2018, my husband, dog and I moved to the city of Bend, Oregon.

We moved to Bend to find harmony in nature and cities. In any given day, we can get to the mountains in 30 minutes, and downtown in 10. But also, I was burnt out from that relentless “studio culture” lifestyle that is Architecture. We were seeking work-life balance, with a little more emphasis on the “life”. But after two years, I’m realizing I can’t shake the fulfillment that I have from exploring, thinking, and drawing from the world around me.

And that brings me back to this, my passion project.

these thoughts, art, and words are crafted by experiencing the world around us.

My hope: to spread this message of looking, looking at the world around you, however small or big, rural or urban, and seeing the beauty of the everyday.