Hello, it’s me, your blog.

I think COVID has a lot of us questioning our creativity these days. Obviously, myself included. I had started this blog in 2018 after winning a travel scholarship from an architecture competition. To be honest, the point of the blog was so my friends and family could follow my travels. But I kind of missed the boat on using this to share what I actually got out of all that travel, other than eating gelato in Japan…

Gelato looking at the hills surrounding Mt. Fuji in Japan.

That travel scholarship I won was from an architecture competition, and part of the award was to study architecture. Interesting, right? The fellowship committee actually withheld 25% of the scholarship as a retainage of sorts, making me commit to go back to my alma mater to present all that great architectural studying I did while traveling. So in the summer of 2018, I presented my thoughts, and even made two really great little compact books of my sketches and presentation. I got the rest of my money, and then left for the west coast and totally ditched all of that great information I came up with.

In the summer of 2018, we moved to Bend, Oregon, home to this amazing view of the Crooked River at Smith Rock State Park.

But here’s the thing: I think about what I learned from that trip all of the time. I can’t stop myself from thinking about it at my job, on a hike, even just working in my yard.

I think there was a lot of merit to my studies and findings, but after I presented to my former university staff and students, I never did much else with it.

Some sketches of temples commonly found throughout Thailand while in Bangkok.

So, that brings me back here. In a quest of sorts to reinvigorate not just this old blog, but my thoughts on how we as humans can continue to learn from the unbuilt environment. 

Sure, part of this motivation stems from the fact that we’re nearly a year into a global pandemic that uprooted most of our lives and drained a lot of our spirits, but another larger piece of my motivation is that I have so many of these thoughts, words, ideas – that need to live somewhere other than my head and my sketchbook. And I truly believe that some of these ideas have the capacity to benefit others and their everyday lives.

And with that, welcome back good old blog!

So, what exactly do I plan to do with this revived blog…?

….well, just keep on reading my friend!

1. Share more thoughts on the built world around us.

I think I might’ve mentioned that whole presentation I had to give to my former university to get the rest of that travel money… well that presentation was filled with thoughts on architecture, and the unbuilt world around us.

I’ve never shared those thoughts on here, and I think it’s about time! It’ll be done artistically, similar to the photo overlay temple and mountain above, and also shared to my instagram account if you want to give that a follow! (@oh_infinite_world)

2. Create new art based on current times we’re in.

Listen, it’s no secret that times haven’t been looking awesome in 2020. I myself have really been really struggling through it. I’m feeling this speckle of inspiration in synthesizing thoughts, imagery and words into short poems and graphic compositions to convey that.

And obviously, I want to share it with you, in hopes that it could spread that inspiration to others. I mean, isn’t that way better than spreading, I don’t know, COVID?

3. Experiment, and have fun!

I’m feeling this compulsive urge to continue creating. I’m not going to say it’s all going to be great… but ultimately, it’s for me. And if others get joy out of it, I consider that an amazing bonus.

So, stay tuned, give the page a follow, and come along for the ride!

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