All good things take time

Just enjoy the ride already, will you?

It’s fine,” I said, “I’m just going to gravitate towards the things that interest me.” (How zen of me.) I said, “I’ll just try this yoga teacher training, who cares how it ends up.”  

Of course, I care how it’s going to end up. Before I even approached the studio, I had an intricate plan in my head about how I’m going to get this yoga teaching certificate, quit my day job, live off half my income, and live this humble, zen life I can see myself living now.

Reality: It’s been 32 hours of the 200 hour yoga teacher training. Let’s just say, I don’t think my life is any more zen than it was at hour zero.

I’ve struggled with living in the future for as long as I can remember. I’ve always planned out my next steps years in advance – after graduating college, my goal was to move to the west coast. After moving to the west coast, my goal was to move back to the east coast. Within a single week, I’ll have about fifteen new life plans. It drives my husband crazy, but it’s starting to drive me crazy, too.

When you’re living your life planning for your next step, are you really living your life?

The first 32 hours of yoga teacher training has given me some insight as to how this planning nature of my mind is my ego taking over. My ego is just berating my live-in-the-moment spirit down. 

The practice of yoga and meditation is to quiet your mind to be present, to acknowledge the craziness of your thoughts, and let them go.

Obviously, I’m no expert at this. But I will say, I know it in my gut that whatever it is you’re doing, it’s taking you to where you’re going to end up. So what’s the use in obsessing over it? Just sit back, and enjoy the ride.

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