life can be funny

Life can be funny.

I started wearing an Om pendant ring on my thumb when I was 18. I don’t know that I could’ve told you why when I started, other than I don’t know, I like the yogi lifestyle.

Seven years later, ring still on my thumb, I’m living in Philadelphia working as an architect. Feeling relatively unfulfilled, I entered a design competition for a theoretical proposal of an astronomy tower in Arizona. To be honest, I just wanted to feel creative again. It was the thought of the stars that led me to the solution I got to, which won the competition, which gave me the opportunity to travel around the country, and around the world.

On that trip, I set out to study our place in the physical world, and how our natural relationship in the environment could influence the man-made built environment we create. I think I wound up with more questions than answers. But that journey set me on a trajectory to think about the concept of scale incessantly. 

Are there tiny universes within our world? Our bodies? Our cells?

Are we just the tiny organisms running a larger body, so large we can’t even fathom the vastness of it?

Why are we so self involved, anyways?

After those travels, my little family unit packed up and moved across the country in search for a different lifestyle to Bend, Oregon. When work stress persisted (it turns out state lines don’t change work problems all that much), I started going to yoga regularly. Each morning, we’d chant Om three times, get our sweat in, and end with a meditation and Namaste

Those yoga mornings brought me to realize that I like the person I’ve become, that life doesn’t have to be so stressful, if you just don’t let it.

Then one day, someone said to me, did you know that “Om” is meant to be the sound of the universe?

Now here I am, ten years later,  ring still on my thumb, and life is good.

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