Someone recently told me they didn’t like actually reading the blog posts, they just looked through the pictures (thanks, Mike). So with that, here’s a super quick look at our amazing stay in Bend, Oregon.

First up, I checked out Tumalo Falls, just minutes outside Bend!

After one intense waterfall, there were multiple smaller ones throughout the hike.

We got to Bend watching the temperature on our dashboard rise, and all of a sudden we were in 90 degree weather. However, Tumalo Creek is ice cold, coming from ice melt, and we actually saw snow once we reached a high enough elevation.

Then I got a text from my dear friend Mike, he followed us to Bend! (He was actually out here for work, but we hung out anyways. Consider this your shoutout.) But Mike and his work friend, Brendon, suggested we check out Smith Rock State Park, which was without a doubt amazing.

Shaped by volcanic activity, Smith Rock certainly felt like a scene straight out of Zion. Bend is in a high desert, and the landscape showed it. While on the hike, Misery Ridge, I felt like I had transplanted back into southwest Utah, with Pacific Northwest snow capped mountains in the background.

Downtown Bend also had quite a bit to offer, between the Bend Brewing Company, heated fooseball tournaments, and strolling alongside the Deschutes at the Riverside Park, I really hope this isn’t our last time in Bend!

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