Next up on the grand tour: Portland, Oregon. We definitely had high hopes and maybe too rigid of expectations, but the city of roses (nickname #1) did not disappoint.

1. City of Roses

We came at the right time – said so many people in Portland, because the roses are in full bloom. And true to the name, nearly everywhere we went, we saw some stunning roses.

Near our AirBNB at Ladd’s Addition:

While seeing the Japanese gardens, or more importantly, the adjacent rose garden:

With a good view of the city!

On a side note, the Japanese gardens were really great, too:

And numerous more times just walking throughout the city:

2. Bridgetown, or Bridge City

The city is situated along the Columbia River, and while the downtown is to the west of the river, most people live to the east. So yes, there are many bridges to cross! (And no, I did not photograph the majority of them…)

My favorite, Saint Johns:

3. Parklandia

Okay, maybe not a true nickname, yet. By far the most memorizing piece to this city are the gorgeous city parks and access to beautiful landscapes surrounding the city. Indeed, these people like their outdoor space (as do we!) Kyle and I park hopped around the city, reading, sketching, and enjoying the weather.

And while not a park, we had a great time at Powell’a city of books. Yes, we’re just giant nerds.

And lastly, we spent a day exploring the Columbia River Gorge. We hiked Angel’s Rest first, bringing you to a high enough point to look down the river gorge.

And then we tried a quick hike to see the Oneota Gorge.

There are so many hikes within an hour or so from the city. In fact, next up on the grand tour will be exploring some of these landscapes just beyond the city area. So stay tuned!

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