Driving from Moab to Zion in a day, Bryce Canyon was a convenient stop to enjoy more of Utah’s landscape. We were only able to stop in Bryce Canyon for a few hours, but the Canyon definitely left a lasting impression.

We took the Navajo Loop, which started out fairly packed but thinned out as the hike got further than the first few steps (which was great, because Kyle gets very grumpy around large culminations of the touristy type).

We began by descending into the canyon through the hoodoos, with a nice glimpse to the scenery beyond.

Once you’re in the canyon, the amount of greenery in this hot arid climate is striking.

What gives Bryce it’s character is certainly the formation of the tall skinny hoodoos. They’ve been formed through centuries of frost heaving, and this erosion thus displays the soil stratification, adding to the dynamic colors of the canyon.

And as brilliant as the colors and formations are up close, the grand elevated view into the canyon is what may be the most striking view into the park.

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