Next stop on the tour: Moab, Utah.

We drove I-70 into west Colorado for about 4-5 hours. This drive alone was breath taking; between driving through the Rocky’s gorges along the river to getting sneak peaks of the beautiful colorful red and green mountains coming our way. And of course, we pulled off so Kyle could jump in the Colorado River (which is literally ice melt, keep in mind.)

The next full day in Moab, Kyle went mountain biking while I drove through Arches National Park. The trails at Arches are super easy; they really do want to make the park accessible to anyone and everyone. However, this also means pretty big crowds. The park gates open at 7 am, I got to the Delicate Arch parking lot at 7:45 and there was already a line. So, no delicate arch for me. I drove up to Devil’s Garden, and with a portion of the trail closed, got in about a 4 mile hike through a few other less famous arches but still stunningly beautiful landscape. PS – the pictures don’t do it justice.

Balanced Rock:

Sandstone Arch:

(in these slots:)

Broken Arch:

Tapestry Arch:

(The small piles of rock are the trail markers.)

And some more pics of driving around Arches:

Stay tuned for some of Kyle’s mountain biking!

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