Part I of the trip: see the United States National Parks.

It might be no surprise to you that planning a month long cross-country trip is no joke. You’ll be quick to find that drawing a seemingly small line across Utah equates to about 8 hours of driving.

We started with a huge list of places where we wanted to go. The Grand Canyon, Yosemite; just type “National Parks” into Pinterest and every beautifully pictured landscape practically wound up on our list.

It was a fast realization that it was simply impractical to visit every single National Park in the country in only 5 short weeks.

After countless revisions, google map searches and advice from friends and family, here’s our final US Grand Tour hit list:

  1. Chicago
  2. Boulder
  3. The Rockies
  4. Arches*
  5. Bryce Canyon
  6. Zion*
  7. Yosemite*
  8. San Francisco*
  9. Redwoods
  10. Portland & surrounding area*
  11. Bend
  12. Boise
  13. Grand Teton*
  14. Yellowstone*
  15. Mount Rushmore
  16. Badlands
  17. Connecticut for our dog, Hailey (our sweet pup staying with her grandparents)

Note: * indicates an area we’ll be staying in for more than a quick stop. I know, not much. No one said traveling the country in 5 weeks was easy.

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